Happy hour: Gin and tonic

We Southern Hemispherians are deep in the middle of the perfect gin and tonic drinking weather.

Oh sure, you can drink a gin and tonic no matter the season, but it tastes the very best when sipped while seated in the late afternoon sunshine of your dappled Summer garden; or while you’re ensconced under an umbrella in your favourite corporate box at the tennis; or tinkling the ice cubes in a cut crystal glass on the deck overlooking the city.

Yes, my life is tough, but I struggle on.

I don’t like a strong gin and tonic (G&T), but I do require a fizzy one. Therefore I make my G&T that is one part dry gin, to three parts chilled, effervescent tonic water.

Between the gin and the tonic pourings, I like to drop in a few ice cubes, then squeeze a weakling’s worth of lemon juice, and drop in a thin slice of lemon, before topping off with the tonic. It’s not an exact science and my eyeballing the measures does make for an inconsistent offering, but let’s face it, that first glass is going to be amazing!

Happy Friday, everyone - oh, did Ferrer just drop a set?

Photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/celiasu/

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