Long Weekend

I'm fidgetting in my seat watching the clock click slowwwwly away the afternoon waiting for the moment I get to grab my bag and trundle out the door to the awaiting shuttle to the airport for my flight to Melbourne.

*best first sentence ever*

While my packing for the weekend has been economical, I'm glad I'm at work because I'm beginning to think I need to take more stuff - which I don't - but I have that sense of gathering and I'm glad there's hardly anything to gather. I do have some books and am suffering some fantasy that I will actually *read* Responsive Web Design over the weekend but I know in my heart, and you know in your head, that I really won't so - let's just put it back on the shelf, shall we?

There: like a real grown up.

I'm also only taking my phone. Not my laptop and not my Kindle. I was suffering separation anxiety earlier but I'm okay now. There's nothing I do on my laptop that I can't do on my phone. I have video editing software, a camera, Kindle reader, podcasts, and the Squarespace blogging app if I feel the need to talk to you. 

Have you noticed how sensible I'm being?

The weekend was a spur-of-the-moment decision to join my beautiful sister and cousins for a girls' weekend of shopping (them) and eating (me) in one of the world's most *liveable* cities (if you don't consider the cost of living) - Melbourne.

So when you start seeing photos of graffiti or videos from our flight or general unusual shenanagens - or if you don't see anything at *all* for the next few days - now you know why.