Movie talky talk: Elysium

This trailer for the movie Elysium shows a hellova lot of the movie, and makes it look a hellova lot more intriguing that it actually is.

There is no mystery in the movie Elysium but it is a great looking movie, with awesome weapons and indecypherable fight scenes. If you like action movies, and especially if you like Matt Damon action moives, you may enjoy Elysium. If you like an interesting story and a plot twist to make you think: this is not your movie.

David and I talk about the stuff we noticed about the movie Elysium after discussing how great the movie looks and how this is basically District 9 with new 'aliens' but how we enjoyed the movie even though it may not sound like it: so spoilers and conjecture* abound in the audio below.

*if, in fact, that is your real name.


Some questions I had  about the story after the movie:

Who decided who got to live in Elysium?

Who and how did they build those great swaths of suburbs-in-orbit?

How did they get all that junk up there? 

What was it like to live on Earth, besides being crowded and dusty?

Was working at the factory or the hospital the only jobs available?

Everyone on Earth looked well fed and seemed to be strong and energetic, where did their food come from?

While medical technology was held back from the population on Earth, mostly the 'sick' were crippled in some way (crutches, wheelchairs, walking sticks) the only sick girl in the movie looked very healthy when she was awake. (more of an observation than a question)

Many people on Earth seemed extremely computer literate too, yet the only computers we saw still needed input through a QWERTY keyboard and seemed to be the same as the laptops we have today? 

Why was the display on Dalacourt's wrist computer's interface so daggy (like MACOS9)  and the watch itself so clunky and big looking? 

If the Elysiumians had those little upload gatgets behind their ears so they could wirelessly upload data into and out of their brains, why did they have to look at their wrists to get a message like "On my way"? (future of txting? Google Glass doesn't evolve past 2015?)

and lastly (not really lastly, I just need to go to bed and stop ranting about this film) - one of the trailers has Matt Damon's character saying that they're going to break into the most heavily guarded place in the Universe, but it turns out that apart from some guns in the armory on Level 3, there's nothing to stop you from flying up there and land on/crash into Elysium and running amock. All they're going to do is deport you back to Earth. If the city does have any form of defence why don't they use it to protect their citizens instead of relying on one physchopathic agent with a rocket launcher on Earth who, by the way, had personal force field protection but they don't seem to be able to scale that technolgy for the city in orbit?


Have you seen Elysium? Would you like to challenge me on my recall or understanding of the storyline? Maybe you'd like to add to the list of questions about the story of the film?