Classic Movie: Walk, Don't Run

...starring Cary Grant, Samanth Eggar, Jim Hutton

Bill Rutland (Cary Grant) arrives in 1964 Tokyo two days earlier than planned to find that, due to the Olympic Games, there is no accommodation to be had. After trying to get help from the British Embassy, he finds an advert on the bulletin board offering a room to share with a local resident.  While Christine Easton (Samantha Eggar) was hoping to share her room with another woman, she finally relents and lets Rutland stay - even though she doesn't like "tricky people". Her tiny apartment becomes even more cramped when Rutland is fast-talked into subletting the room yet again to a wandering architect and Olympic athlete, Steve Davis (Jim Hutton) - even though Rutland doesn't like "tricky people" either.

While the movie doesn't work in it's entirety, the first half, and many of the set pieces, are just hilarious. I especially loved the trouser scenes; the bathroom schedules; and Rutland's coffee adventures.

This was well worth staying up late last night so I missed the online webinar I was scheduled to attend at 5am this morning - and I hope that, if you can get your hands on it, you'll enjoy it too.

SPOILER ALERT: the police officer is played by Sulu from Star Trek !!