Wednes Day Links

Daffodil arrives too early. Awkward.

Despite the fact I saw a daffodil in the garden yesterday, it is still the middle of Winter here in Auckland, New Zealand.

You folks who have extreme seasons will think I'm a complete pansy for thinking what we experience any kind of hardship during our Winter months, especially when compared with places that have snow drifts and frozen water pipes and electricity black outs and snow days and low sunlight exposure etc, but we didn't get our reputation for being whiny cry babies in Auckland for no reason. We're delicate little flowers and we live here because we couldn't survive in harsher conditions. 

While there is probably fewer cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder in this town, it's still quite depressing being stuck in an office during the short days of this season, and today it's particularly cold, so we may still need some help getting through it.

Today's Wednes Day Links are dedicated to helping you beat the Winter Blues if that is what you need. And maybe if it's Summer where you are, you can reverse all the advice?

PRO YOGA TIP: if it's super cold where you are yogaring: light more candles.