Late night markets

Simon and Melissa texted a 30 minute warning to be dressed and ready to go out. While I protested slightly because Miss Congenielity was on television, their insistance got me out the door and down to the underground carpark at Westfield Plaza Warehouse and the Pakuranga Night Markets.

I had brought my camera along and snapped a few photos as I walked around but I felt self-conscious at photographing strangers. I passed one food stand, steam rising up from the dumplings in front of the two busy servers. I liked the way the scene looked and thought it would make a really interesting photo but my shyness kept me moving.

After saying how much I liked the scene as we walked on, Melissa gumptioned me up to go back and take their photo. After some customers moved away from the stall, I asked the women if I could take their photos. They seemed confused at my request and unsure what to say. I pressed on with my request when one of them went to the back of the shop to avoid the photograph, and the second stepped hard right and gestured that I could photograph the food.

After some explaining that it was them I wanted to photograph, and some laughter and ribbing from their colleague at the back of the stall, they came back, a little reluctant and quite shy, but nice enough to do so. I snapped the photo quickly. If only I'd stepped forward, or taken one more moment to frame my shot, I could've got a better one but I got what I got and I'm glad I did. These hard working woment with their gorgeous faces, behind the curtain steam rising from their dumplings, make me remember that best way to eleviate the nervousness of taking photos of people is to talk to them so we both feel better about the experience.

The markets were well worth getting off the couch for, and doing something interesting for the evening like I used to do in my previous life. Thanks Simon and Melissa for your company - stirling, as always.