One of these things is not like the other - MacGyver pretending to be a rabbit

I've stopped writing the post for today (so you'll never know what the weather was like here today) because **Breaking news just to hand**


Although it just happened this afternoon, I've already forgotten how I discovered the word "Kaninhoppning" but I praise all that is the good and great in the world that I did. All moments have lead to this; all roads have brought me here today; this is what I was born for.

On occasion in the last few months I've wondered why.. why in flips name do I have rabbits. Not just one or two but FIVE rabbits.

And now - now I have my answer.

Today, I found that kaninhoppning - or rabbit jumping* - is not only a thing, but it's a real** sport. 


A bright and glorious light has shone on my path - on my burrow - I have been called by a higher power (the internet) to lead my bunnies to a full and lucrative lives as professional show jumpers.

Seriously, the bunnies'll love it!

 *     No, not jumping over rabbits but rabbits jumping over things. 

** "Real" as in more than one person (and one rabbit) does it.


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