Seasons turn

The weather changed. One day it was all "this summer is endless" and the next day it was "did you hear the rain last night?" It hadn't rained with any real purpose for quite some time here in Auckland. Some parts of the country had been declared drought regions. Now the weather forecast is predicting this next week will break the dry, and bring the wet.

The colours of our world have softened with moisture diffused light this weather change has brought. It has my hands reaching for my analogue cameras with the dream of capturing soft edges and subtle colour palettes. Meal ideas have taken a sudden turn too, with comforting soups and roasted mushrooms coming to the fore. Those big, hearty flavours of stews and slow roasted meats making a nice change to the quick fry Asian flavours that have dominated this summer's menu choices.

With this feeling of closing weather and cosy evenings comes a re-tuning and shift in focus. Thoughts are tending inwards. A real sense of closing shutters to recoup and reorder during a season of hibernation is starting to prevail. Winter has much more of a sense of growth for me than Spring ever does, I think. Burrowing deep under covers and contemplating the kernels of thoughts and ideas stored away over the long warm days of Summer.