Webstock Conference: Day One

So we're off to a great start - people who love Webstock (the conference) are here at the Wellington Town Hall loving Webstock.

We kicked off the morning with Clay Johnson of Blue State Digital (built and managed Barack Obama's online campaign) talking about Industrialised Ignorance: the hidden costs of consuming shitty information.

Followed by Jim Coudal (Coudal Partners Inc) who shared his stories around swapping out client work for product work - both digital (The Deck ad network) and analogue (Field Notes notebooks).

Jason Kottke is a blogging legend. He's been doing it since before it was a word, and now he makes his living that way. He shared his story about kottke.org, his kids, and his web app stellar.io which blends blogging and social media streams (likes and favourites you've selected and those of your friends). Really great to hear when he started building this app, he couldn't code, didn't know how to go about making the thing - but 2 years later it's a real thing with 2,000 active users. Then his talk got really good because Jason showed his vulnerability by admitting he was stuck. Stuck for the last 8 months because, in part, to the Twitter change in API and needing to find out how to deal with that. Having to figure out which path to take for Stellar's future. So much heart and soul - he's a legend for a reason. Much love JK.

Sketchnotes of talks from Clay Johnson, Jim Coudal, and Jason Kottke at Webstock 2013

Aza Raskin is a designer - he talked about asking the right questions, coupled with contraints can lead to great design solutions.

Miranda Mulligan (is an internaut - which means she's a capable user of the internet: true story) wants technologists to come to work and influence journalism. She also thanked Clay Johnson's earlier talk for setting the table for her topic.

The front-end developer's workflow and tools have become more streamlined since I was a bumbling cutter. Chris Coyier belted through what works for him from Photoshop files to Testing, including the power of preprocessors and developing locally. 

Sketchnotes from talks given by Aza Raskin, Miranda Mulligan, and Chris Coyier at Webstock 2013

Craig Mod came to the Webstock stage with different content than he brought to our workshop. Practiced, measured, modulated, extremely well presented information about the book..

Sketchnotes from talks given by Craig Mod, and John Gruber, at Webstock 2013Sketchnotes from talks given by Garr Reynolds, and Tom Coates, at Webstock 2013