Webstock Workshop: Jim Coudal

Sketch notes from Jim Coudal's Webstock workshop about firing your clients - incorrect title of workshop on this sketchnote

Jim Coudal is confident - or at least he appears that way. Success breeds success, he says, If you look successful people will believe you are successful. Does that mean he's faking it until he makes it? I don't think he has time for that sort of carry-on because he's too busying making it. Making jewel boxes, an ad network, Field Notes notebooks, and short films.

He says the first step to selling something is the hardest, once you get that boat moving out of the harbour, it's much easier to correct to suit the opportunities or obstacles as they appear. Jim Coudal works with a small team of talented people, who use their varied skills and crafts to make things. Sometimes those things sell and they make money, sometimes they don't, and the direction is tweaked or morphed or dumped and they move on to the next idea from their creative pool.

All Webstock Workshops are worth attending, but not all workshops are the same. Some have a very practical component, while others are more of a conversation. I particularly appreciate this latter style of workshop where we sit around and discuss ideas, look for solutions, and share experiences. Merlin Mann did that in 2010 and this year Jim Coudal engaged us all with ideas, new and old, known and unknown, and rubbed a little bit of his confidence off on us ("Don't be creepy" Merlin Mann).

PS: Jim Coudal has a super power, which will be revealed on Thursday - what is your super power?

Webstock workshop with Jim Coudal - photo from Webstock's Flickr stream