It's the most wonderful time

Oh my goodness: I'M ON HOLIDAY!

It feels like it's taken such a long time to get here, but finally, I'm off work and on holiday. While my last day was on Friday 20 December, it has taken a couple of slothful days, and an early Christmas Day to get me to this space that is mine. With nine days stretching out in front of me, I'm up with the sparrows and ready to do whatever I feel like doing.

Right now it's drinking a smoothie while watching the rabbits hoppit around the garden.

Early Christmas Day

This year, for the first year, we celebrated Christmas 'off book'. My children are all adults and have plans that don't always include me - which is perfectly fine and normal. I have lived through the rushing-around-trying-to-get-everywhere Christmas Days, and it's not fun with a gaggle of children in tow. 

I cooked a ham with a caramelly glaze, pineapple rings, and glaced cherries. It was delicious and went really well with the roasted chickens, potatoes, and salads. Dessert was simple trifle and fruitsalad with a few Santa cupcakes and christmas pies. Everyone contributed and we had it buffet-style, with everyone eating where they wanted, when they wanted. 

It was more than wonderful to have our celebration so early in the Christmas break. I don't want to say I "got it over and done with" like it was a chore. Quite the opposite, it was a love day with lots of help with preparation, but it is really nice to have it done. 

There is now left over ham and chicken in the fridge, and tomorrow - Christmas Day - will be relaxing and quiet.

Holiday projects

It wouldn't be the holidays if I didn't have projects planned. Before Christmas I bought a long table I intend to use as an art table. Somewhere I can do things, and not necessarily need to put everything away every time. This table is fairly rough-sawn and I bought it from a woman who screenprinted so it's of a good height for standing at. I'm going to slap a few coats of paint on it to smooth off some of the roughness. Not entirely sure where it's going to live; it's in the lounge at the moment and a couple of table clothes made it a pretty decent Christmas buffet table.

I've also bought a kitset shelf. That needs assembling and moving into my room. Because this isn't my house, I don't have a lot of storage, and I'm hoping that these shelves will get some of my craft-in-boxes up off the floor. At the moment they're stacked in the corner of my room and I'd quite like a more deliberate solution.

Not everything is about making. I'm also about to start The Lumineers by Eleanor Catton. It seems it's the book to read this Summer, with many of my workmates planning on tackling the >800 page novel set in Victorian New Zealand. 

100 Day Project

My life wouldn't be mine if I wasn't attempting some group project. January 1st will see me trying to complete a creative every day for 100 days. Two things to know:


  1. I don't know what my creative project is yet
  2. Track record* suggests  I won't complete the project


The project needs to be something relatively simple, that can be done everyday, but still have a bit of a challenge. Some of the projects I've seen others do include a typographer creating a new letter each day; a 10 year old who drew a new dress every day; taking a photograph every day with a horizonal line or horizon in the same place on every photograph.

I would like to draw something every day - something that won't be too hard to find, or take too long. Maybe draw a beverage every day? that could mean that I end up with 100 cups of tea and coffee for instance. Actually, I really like that idea.

*Failed at NaNoWriMo, Draw Everyday in May, August Break, 365 Day project etc. But that's okay - thinking, planning, and starting are all good things too.


Recently, someone has been very kind to me. You know the kind of kindness out of the blue, that I can't even figure out how to repay? Part of feeling humbled and touched at the generocity, has been the realisation that letting someone be nice to you is part of the process. I know from my own experience how lovely it is to help people out feels so great, and being gracious about receiving that help is part of the process.

I guess I'm saying thank you to someone who doesn't read this blog and encourage us all to do a few kind things this Christmas, because it's what makes the world a better place.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope you enjoy your day of family and festivities, whenever and wherever you have it.