Not sleeping: dumb things to be doing at 2am on a Wednesday

Ack - where did this come from? This not-falling-asleep business. Is it this tangled mess of tossed blankets I keep knotting myself into? or the thinking about stuff that doesn't even matter? I mean c'mon, lying here thinking about the Lotto winners who are secretly squirrelling all sorts of potential purchases onto their Watchlists on isn't something that ought to keep anyone awake at night, especially me.

Oh and before you make any comments about me being online and how that doesn't help with the going to sleep thing, I've been lying in bed for *hours* without any lights - computer generated or otherwise - and stupid sleep has evaded me the entire stupid time. Not so much as a drift-off. Nadda. 

The house is quiet and a little bit too warm. I heard the baby stir earlier so got up and made her a bottle. Got it into her mouth before she really woke up - she drained it and fell back asleep. Man, I'd love it if someone did that for me except I'd prefer a dream feed of vegemite on toast and a cup of tea. 

Man that baby is cute. She has such a lovely personality - nearly always cheerful - and loves to mimic and copy. She's eight months old and walking. Yup, you heard me - walking like everywhere. She can get up from crawling to walking without the aid of a table or hand, and off she goes, walking from one room to another. True, if she needs pure speed, she'll crawl but most of the time she's walking.

No teeth yet - but tons of walking. Here's a video that has Dylan on her mother's shoulders about three weeks ago - no, not walking in the video, this one is way cuter - watch this while I give sleeping another go:


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