Stifling: a complaint

Humidity is horrible.

I think the high temperature in Auckland yesterday was 26°C. It was horrible. Hot and sticky and good for nothing. That would be such a balmy, glorious temperature in Melbourne where the air doesn't hold as much moisture - but here in Auckland, it's just stinking hot.

God I miss air conditioning. It was everywhere in my life when I lived in Aussie. My Summer days over there would start with a cooled, climate controlled morning, followed by air conditioned public transport to air conditioned offices followed by cool, air conditioning in bars, restaurants, and through the night for a rested sleep.

In Auckland? No air conditioning here. Not in my home; not at work; half the buses apologise for the air con not working. It's just horrible.

The humidity stops my brain from working; stops my limbs from moving; the sun crackles my skin but staying inside is too stuffy. The doors and windows thrown open to any puff of wind but barely any airflow at home this weekend or at work any day.

Humidity is horrible.