Miss Melicious Cupcakes

Miss Melicious Cupcakes

Melissa of Baking Makes Things Better was kind enough to invite me along to Miss Melicious's launch of her new cupcake book. It was held at a cafe on K'Road in Auckland. The place was decked out like a circus - red carpet, velvet ropes, giant lollypops, oversized beanbags - with an acrobat/juggler, balloon animal artist, burlesque performers and Miss Rebina as Mistress of Ceremonies.

It was really quite something.

Plenty of food served by friendly 'cigarette girls', multi-coloured, boozey slushies, and, of course, teirs of gorgeous cupcakes.

While many of the guests made a real effort with their clothes, by far the one who made the biggest impression wore hardly anything at all. While I didn't catch her name, she graciously posed for the photo below. The beautifully painted corset cupcake girl.

Hand painted, human advertisement and a delightful one at that.