Asking the right questions

This sign looks home-made, right? Gathering all my experience in the graphic design industry, and judging by the quality of the fastenings, I would say the person wishing to let their property is doing so to avoid the costs of advertising.

So, imagine my surprise when, upon calling the number, it was answered by a prominent real estate company. She was pleasent enough, this person who answered the phone and who had "been away" so wasn't really sure "where the documentation was.." oh wait, she found it.

Yes, the house was for let. Furnished, in fact and for short term only: maybe six months? not really sure. Gotta love that 'documentation'.

I'm not looking for a three bedroomed house; nor am I seeking a short term solution. But it is so convienient, I still wanted to look at the property - because, you just never know, it might suit.

"May I view the property?"

"Yes, certainly."

"I work full time so can only view it outside office hours."

"Oh. My hours are from nine 'til five, Monday to Friday."

"So, I can't see the house?"

"No. Not unless you can make it during the day."

"Oh. No Saturday appointments?"

"Not with me."

"Oh. With anyone else?"

"Well, you could see it with Jayne."

"That'd be nice."

I mean really. Really?