Interview Notes: Sarah Wilson

Last night, I listened to the recording from Darren Rowse, of fame, interviewing Sarah Wilson

Sarah is an Australian, best known for her Sunday Life column and hosting of the first season of Masterchef. She now earns 100% of her income through blogging and the connections she has made through her blog - a major components of her income are the sales of her ebooks and requests for MC'ing functions. These requests most often contact her through, and because of, her blog.

About two years ago, Sarah became obssessed with sugar - or more to the point - learning how to live without it in her life. She wrote many posts on the subject and after a while, it was suggested that she pull all this information into one place. Sarah's ebook 8 week program and ebook How I Quit Sugar sold more than she could imagine, and she learned a lot about self-publishing along the way.


  • Decide on format - there is a different skill set required getting a book ready for ePup/eMobi compared to publishing to PDF. Seek and pay for expertise - it's worth it in the long run.
  • Write in chunk-sized pieces with more graphic/images you would use in a blog post. 
  • Cut the guff! get to the point quickly.
  • Use heading and sub-headings to organise your thoughts.
  • Value yourself and your ebook: don't be greedy when pricing, but don't undervalue yourself either.

One lovely part of Sarah's writing process is to "draw" out her ebook. She grabs a pen and paper, draws out sections, comments, speech bubbles, arrows etc to get the shape of what she will write and when. Loved this idea - creating a map for the writing is really appealing to me. 

Marketing Tips:

  1. Read Shayne Tilley's book on marketing - it's dense but has all the information you need.
  2. Make marketing your primary job after release (of your ebook or product)
  3. Network with other bloggers - offer your book or product for them as 'give-aways'
  4. Be generous - it works!

Each time I find out more about how other bloggers work, the same stories come through:

  • heart and passion
  • routine
  • work hard

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