Traveling light

Working late ends up being so much more of a commitment to the job when home is 150km and a 200 minute train ride away.

After taking a late train home last night, i couldn't cope with another stress filled day on so few hours sleep.

My housemate Willo is also my workmate. So when he suggested we book rooms for the night and use our would-be travel-time to better effect, I was all in.

We worked late into the evening. A call from the hotel wondered when we were going to check in - we said a bit later - so they asked that we phone when we were on our way so they could let us in.

Around midnight we called a halt to Thursday and called ahead. The Willo-sided conversation was pretty standard:

"I'm calling about a late check-in"
"yes -Williams."
"Two people."
"My ahh.... ... .... Partner?"

I laughed "you could have said aunt!"

"I'm wiff my mum!" he said.

"yeh and I arrive with no lugguge and a box of tissues! "

That sounds as odd as it would have looked, out of context.

This late night over-nighter was not planned so I didn't have any spare cothes or toiletries. I had grabbed my box of tissues from the desk as I still have the arse end of this horrible cold.

We checked in and went to our respective rooms. We texted each other at our amazement at how wonderful our rooms were - me excited there was a washing machine and dryer (will go a long way to suffering two days in the same clothes) and he was excited for the ipod dock by the bed.

So now I'm in bed, blogging from my wonderful Squarespace iPhone app, about to drop off to sleep to the muffled tumble of my jeans and such.

If I am lucky my dreams won't be filled with bug tracking and phone calls and I can escape it all, if only for a few dreamy hours.