Clean Face

Last September, after so many years of blogging, I thought it was time to ask you, my beautiful readers, what you thought of the blog you so have been kind enough to read. Thank you so much to those who replied to the survey by leaving comments on that post and by sending email. I've taken the points on board, and this new layout and structure is in response to that feedback. I wanted more than a blog, and I think that is exactly what has been achieved. There is now room for pages that aren't strictly blog posts, and a beautiful blog structure and back-end that are an absolute pleasure to use.

The blog has been brought back to the front page replacing the pointless home page I had implemented with the last design. With that, links to RSS feeds for posts and comments are at the top on the sidebar so they're easy to grab if you need them. Between the change in size, and line spacing, reading should be easier - let me know if it's not.  

The design of the blog isn't set in stone, and there is plenty room to change things. The layout is super-simple, old-school, and very blog - back to the basics and a nice fresh start.

Also with this change in design has brought some content that was promised for so long. Through Projects > Gallery - David's Death Machines are finally up and online again. They really are simply gorgeous drawings from a young boy's brain. Lomo photos from the USA trip are up too, as are photo projects in one spot instead of hogging the whole month of August, for instance.

I have an apology to anyone who has left a comment since the last design - due to the limitations of the previous CMS and my skills, I was unable to pull those out easily to implement them here. Good news though, all the old, old comments are now part of the blog again. I've removed the captcha on the comments so you can just comment away to your heart's content without having to prove you're human.

My plans were grand with my last design but my time was poor. Moving to this new design and to the Squarespace platform, I have freed my brain from having to cope with technology to make changes, updates and modifications - and need really only to create the content. Not that there is any "only" when it comes to content, but I will be working on with more focus in the coming months.

Thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoy this new space - it sure does make me really happy about blogging again.