Sunday Update

I've had a really nice weekend. Spending time with my sister, cousin and Aunt really is a special treat. This morning we meet at Cereal Killa on Dominion Road for brunch. The staff had let us take over the shared table and we had a very nice time indeed.

Simon, Kristy, Jo, Pat, David, Melissa.

It seems strange that it's December already, doesn't it? This whole year has seem strange to me and the fact it's finally December is a blessing. I seem to have been in a state of transition for the duration of 2012. First I was in a temporary job waiting until it was time to move from Australia back to New Zealand. Then I did that and was in a period when I didn't know what work, if any, I would do. Then I got a job and have been in this space where I'm not sure if I'd stick with it or not, while trying to learn the intricacies of the culture and the finesse of my actual duties. Plus I've still not made any move towards getting my own place because nothing feels solid or settled. I have outstanding things I need to do and have done and apologies to make and really, I'm just this flakey mess of navagationless wanderings.

Striking upon an idea to at least lead up to Christmas with some sort of structure, I thought I might do a Twelve Days of Christmas here on the blog. Uninspired the thought of using the NZ version of the traditional song, I might blog about each line of our version. For instance, let you know what puha was, and what pukekoes were really like. I started researching at work one lunchtime. One of the lines is "eleven eels a swimming" so Googled that. Top result was someting about "eel soup" but I don't suggest you repeat the exercise. I did manage to close the browser when I realised the squirming bowl of baby eels was entering the nether regions of a Japanese woman rather than a cooking pot. Still waiting for ITS to tell my boss I was watching inappropriate internet content at work. I didn't have a lot of wind beneath the sales of the plan originally and so that deflated the entire endeavour completely.

So yeh - it's December already. Roll on 2013, and let's see some structure, shall we?

Friendship Day

Last week at work we had a Friendship Day in our office. Apparently this is an annual event, and it's a bit like Secret Santa but not held at Christmas time. Each person who wishes to participate puts their name into a hat, to be drawn by other colleagues who think it's a good thing to do nice things for their team mates (hardly anyone in my team participated, so thank goodness it's not the only team on the floor). The plan is to anonymously do nice things for that person during the day - like buy them a coffee, or leave a gift, or empty their trash bin etc.

I drew the name of a young woman in marketing. She's a lovely girl, but all I know about her is that she's German and she's training for a half marathon in January. I was lucky that her desk was close to mine so I was able to drop things on her desk when she popped up to make a cup of tea or went to a meeting etc.

My anonymous friend left flowers and cakes on my desk during the day. She also bought my lunch for me, which was lovely.

It was such a nice day. Not only to receive sweet gifts and cups of coffee, but to spend time planning and then sneak around executing kind acts for our friends. We gathered as a group at the end of the day and attempted to guess our benefactors. I felt so warm and close to all my workmates who took part in the exercise, and can highly recommend it as a good office activity.

Some of the thoughtful things left on my desk by my 'friend' :)

There was more to update - like the EmmyLou Harris concert and the Eggnog Session but the internet's being flakey so I'm calling it quits for today. 

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