General strangeness

Do you ever get the feeling that the world is a bit freaky?

Today I have been looking at a technical solution offered by our content management system at work that doesn't work correctly. So I've reached out to the IT Helpdesk for an assist. No sooner have I sent that email that I see on our local communication tool that someone is asking the exact same question about the exact same thing.

And then after emailing Fox, explaining what our "Friendship Day" is at work week after next, and how I intend to translate motivational quotes into German using Google Translate as part of my contribution, no sooner do I press EMAIL: SEND than our lead designer comes out talking to a colleague explaining how to use Google Translate to do something completely unrelated.

And if that's not something to get a girl feeling like she's dropped into some kind of deep web of secret connections in universe, she feels hungry and looks up and god damn! It's lunchtime!

Life is a strange animal at times, isn't it.