Off the Shelf - heads up!

Lost your creative way? Even a dull pencil makes a mark - let's get started.Here's the thing: if I don't schedule a creative endeavour into my day - I won't do it even though it'll be the thing that brings me the most joy and satisfaction. I am just not doing the work, even though I proclaim it is important to me.

I'm not here to try and figure out the reasons why I don't easily do the things I love to do; I'm here to proclaim a determination to get over that hurdle and get on with making stuff.

Each week I'm going to set creative tasks to complete and schedule them in. For instance I might spend 10 minutes on an idea, do a sketch in 30 minutes, complete a collage in 2 hours. Do small, medium and large things, including eventually, working on longer term projects such as making a book, or painting a piece of furniture.  The idea also encompasses a desire to reintroduce the elements of making. Looking at where ideas come from; how they can manifest themselves into tangible objects; re-seeing the world; investigating skills; learning new ones. 

So if this post looks like a bit like an unformed, brain dump, light on detail and a bit all over the place - it mostly is. I started the bones of this idea with my 30 Days to Done project last month, and while the whole concept is far from polished, I am going to start this and see where it goes.

Why am I telling you this? I was wondering if you'd like to play along.

Fancy getting an email every week or two with creative prompts to schedule into your day too?

Want to get Off the Shelf and start dating your creative self?