10 Things to do with your empty Jam Jars

So if you live in merry old England, and you fancy some lovely, matching, purpose-made glass containers, Wares of Knutsford just might be the place for you!

Today we have a guest post from Wares of Knutsford, a household and hardware emporium and perveyer of all your jam jar needs. It only came to my attention a couple of months ago that people buy jars for jams and preserves. Being from New Zealand, we are loath to throw glass jars out so, I would bet, most families would have a dusty box of mis-matched jars somewhere in their house.

So for those of us who have cartons of empty jam jars, here are ten ideas from Wares for what to do with them.

A guest post from Wares of Knutsford

Doesn't it always seem such a shame to just throw your used jam jars away? They are infinitely more attractive than a pasta sauce or peanut butter jar and they can instantly add a bit of rustic charm around the house.

Soak them in warm water to remove the label and give them a good wash, then choose from these ten household uses.

  1. Candle Holders
    Jam jars look great with a nightlight placed in the bottom. They work especially well outside as the height of the jar protects the flame from the wind.
  2. Flower Vase
    Jam jars are suitable for flowers which look great with a small stem.
  3. Bits and Bobs
    Where else can you keep all those old buttons, paperclips and other odds and ends?
  4. Pens or Paintbrushes
    Using an old jam jar to store these can give a great rustic look to a work station or studio.
  5. Dry Food Storage
    Fill them with lentils, quinoa, cous cous or sugar. A mix of mis-matched jam jars looks good lined up along a kitchen shelf.
  6. Seeds
    Jam jars are far handier than those flimsy paper bags seeds come in.
  7. Shaker
    With a lid that doesn't seep, jam jars are a great way to mix homemade vinaigrettes or to make your own butter.
  8. Piggy Bank
    You always need somewhere to put spare coins. You can have a few, all labelled with different savings ideas.
  9. Grow Herbs
    If you need to grow herbs indoors, jam jars are ideal for a windowsill in the kitchen.
  10. Make Your Own Jam!
    Why not use them as they were first intended and make your own jam? You could even make a big batch and give them away as presents at Christmas.

The humble but perfectly formed jam jar is very versatile. From displaying candles to saving the pennies, there are plenty of ways to re-use them.

Wares of Knutsford are based in the North-west and trade throughout the UK from their popular website www.waresofknutsford.co.uk. We bring the same personal service and good old-fashioned courtesy to our business today as when we first established many years ago.