big dumb drawing with too many stupid looking people

I don't find drawing people easy. Drawing people who won't stand still for very long is almost impossible for me, but something I would like to be much, much better at. The frustration I have practising to get better at drawing people-on-the-move made me sullen and grumpy today. I told myself there were too many people at the Diwali Festival at Aotea Centre to even attempt it. Started drawing the buildings around the city instead. Spent about an hour talking myself out of even trying before I mentally kicked my own butt about why we'd even decided on having the Big Draw at the festival and got on with it.

The thing is, getting people drawn well is hit and miss for me and I can't guarantee the outcome will be worth the effort - and generally, at my current level, it feels like it's not worth the effort..

but that's what learning is all about, right? (she reminds herself)

Diwali Festival, Aotea Centre - Ink and (overworked) watercolour

I saw a tweet from Maciej Ceglowski (@pinboard) from Brooklyn Beta this week -

"Succeeding feels just like failing except you’re not allowed to stop." 

Which is annoyingly true. Those who succeed do so because they stick with it until they do.