I have mentioned the saying "What Would Jesus Do?" (WWJD) to a couple of friends and seems that it isn't as well known as I thought it was. In fact, neither friend had ever heard of it.

If you haven't heard of it either, it's something one might say to oneself to determine a course of action to keep one's moral compass pointing firmly in the direction that would continue to ensure your admitance to that heavenly host's holiday camp, commonly known as Heaven. It was probably developed to keep Christian teenagers away from sinful activities like sex, drugs and rock and roll, so they could live a life closer to that of the long-haired-hippie whose birthday we celebrated a couple of weeks ago.

Taking time to consider what Jesus would do in a given situation might help some people, but it doesn't help me. So, I've adapted its fundamental core to fit into my belief system. Instead of asking what some fictional character in one of the world's best selling novels might do, I instead ask what some of the people I admire most in my life might do. I look to my heroes - real people - those who I most want to emulate and learn from.

For instance, when I want to know how to spend my time I ask myself "What might Willo do?" (WWWD?) (burn it, turn it into profit, coin it, turn it into a party). Or if I wanted to do a really good job, critically think about the details of a product or situation, or truly appreciate the simple, well designed things in life I ask myself "WWBD?" (Bart) (research it, perfect it, round its corners) When I was trying to figure how to attack the sorting of my bedroom to start to bring order to my belongings, it was through the lens of Fox I found my answers.

What Would Fox Do?

Looking at the task of getting my affairs in order (my resolution* for the New Year) I took to the task through the lens of What Would Fox Do? (WWFD?). It's a pretty easy lens to look at tasks like this with, as basically, what Fox would do is throw it out. Especially when it comes to clothes - she's really good at paring down her wardrobe - throwing out anything that is worn, stained, pulled, last season or discoloured. She's not one to mend, she is one who tosses***. So that's what I did. I biffed.

This is not a natural instinct for me. I had to completely embrace my Foxness and let go of things I didn't suit my current life style or resources.

Turned out I particulary enjoyed throwing out all my stupid corporate gear. It was liberating to vow to never work for a company that demanded I wear that type of clothing ever again. Long black pants: out. High neck-lined tops: out. I loved getting everything I ever wore at my last job and binning the lot. Stupid 'corporate' fashion - what a misnomer. In this day and age you can say goodbye to dress codes. I am a knowledge worker dammit - I'll wear what I like!

I went through all my drawers, my wardrobe, my laundry hamper. There is now a super-sized black bin bag at the front door that is filled with all of the unwanted and unloved items that have no place in my life anymore. They'd be somewhere else if the damn bag'd fit into the Mini for transportation! But at least they're out of my wardrobe, drawers and off my bedroom floor. They will be taken off the property in the coming days and then harrah, they will be released into the wild.

It's an amazing thing to only have enough to manage, and only have enough to store. And I've only just started!

I still have too many socks, and scarves. They will be the next too be ratted through, quickly followed by makeup, electronics and the hardest of them all: the books.

*What Would YOU Do?

** There are more than one resolution. One other one that I achieved in the last few days was to stop reading The Age. The way they source news items I'm better getting it from the source - Twitter and Facebook - save me wasting my time with that rag.

*** Clarification: Fox passes on any clothes to people who want them, including friends, opp shops and the Salvation Army - only objects beyond use go into the trash. I'll be channelling her organisational skills for paperwork, budgets and birthdays in the future too.