UX Melbourne

Blogging every day when you don't have anything to say. Why is that? I blather incessently normally; stick a goal of daily posts in my way and *crickets*

Okay it's mostly just because I'm tired - bad sleep last night, late again tonight. Just calm down, will you? not everything has to be a Pulitzer Prize winning blog post: sheesh!

I got your user experience right here, baby

Tonight I stayed later in Melbourne to attend the UX (User Experience) Movie Night. This irregularlly scheduled event is most often held at Horse Bazaar in Little Lonsdale Street.

Most members and affiliates of this rag-tag group of UX'ers, and associateed disciplines, wander in after work for a movie kick-off of around 6:30pm. The movie is generally 20-60 minutes long, and something of interest to us - maybe a talk by someone of note at a conference such as Bruce Sterling, or a video of a presentation by a designer such as this evening.

The UX Melbourne group are a good bunch of people loosely held together by the threads and passions of user centric design and development. Humans, we're about the humans, baby!

Sometimes groups like this can get a little networky and attract the wrong kind of people. You know the type: sales and marketing types, commonly known as 'social media consultants' these days. But we don't suffer those types gladly plus, we're a bit cliquey so they don't stand much of a chance. But we're loosely woven, remember? So there's plenty of opportunity to say hi if you're new, and strike up a conversation with the little groups that form after the movie has finished.

While the movie that was shown tonight didn't hold my interest, seeing Ben, Wil and Fox sure did. Though I can't say that we 'caught up' as the strange and frankly bad electronic music that played afterwards made sure no one could really hear much of each other. Just as well there's a UX Melbourne Book Club meetup later in the month and bound to be another movie night soon.