Webstock 2012

You know that part in the movie Election, when Tracy Flick, nervously awaiting the outcome of the ballot counting for Class President, gets the thumbs up from Larry the ballot counter? And she gets so excited that she's won she starts jumping around? That is how I felt all late yesterday afternoon after @webstock tweeted that their conference website was live, and regsitrations were open.

Oh. My. Goodness. *so* excited.

Webstock is the bestest, most awesomest lineup of tremendously talented and generous people in the world. There may be one or two other gatherings in the world that might be as good - maybe An Event Apart or the Brighton ones which may be pretty damn good - but I haven't had the good fortune to attend to be able to compare but given a lot of their speakers and organisers have come to Webstock in the past, it's probably a good bet they're pretty good. I have gone to a number of other good conferences though, including South By South West in Austin, Texas and I can say - Webstock in Wellington blows every one of them out of the water.

Out.of.the.water. For the quality of production; the generousity of organisers and attendess; and the mass of motivation and momentum it gives attendees after experiencing it out-strips every other dollar you'll ever spend on such events and will change your life. Change.your.life.

So yesterday I was so happy to be able to go straight to the website and book my ticket to Webstock 2011.