Overheard: Constitutional Law

Person A: I'm thinking of studying Law.

Person B: You should talk to Person C, he studied law. Person C, you studied Law didn't you? Person A wants to study Law.

Person C: Yes, unfortunately I did study Law. Was a solicitor for two years.

Person A: Oh, really? did you ever practice?

Person C: Ah.. I practiced as a solicitor for two years. What attracts you to the Law, Person A?

Person A: Yeh, I'm thinking about Constitutional Law.

Person C: Interesting choice. So what is it about Constitutional Law that attracts you, Person A?

Person A: Constitutional Law.

Person C: Yeh, what attracts you to it?

Person A: Constitutional Law. Like.. charters and the EU and things like that.

Person C: Yes, I know what Constitutional Law is. I was wondering what attracts you to it?

Person A: I'm interested in Constittional Law.

Person C: Any specific reasons?

Person A: Ah.. what?