TV: Misfits

Are you watching this show yet? It's so great - a bit like The Inbetweeners meets Skins with a tiny dash of Shaun of the Dead - sortof.

Five young people have to do community service for anti-social behaviour (ASBO). On their first day there is a freakish storm and they are hit by lightning which cause them to develop special powers. Because this is a British show, the powers they develop are based on their personalities. For instance, one girl is tough, and doesn't care what people think of her so she develops a telepathic power to hear people's thoughts when they're thinking about her. Another becomes really invisible, after a lifetime of no one noticing him.

It's really good, has a super soundtrack, great dialogue, fantastic ensemble cast and is beautifully filmed - like watching through a tilt shifted lens or a lomo camera or other cool banana retro carry-on.