Corrupt Brain Sectors

Potential blog posts/titles:

Hoisted on my own Pickard

The secret of eternal youth: train travel (at 99.99% the speed of light)

Eyebrows of a dead mouse


"I like deep sinks." Willo

"My parmers are much smaller." Bart

"I heard it on the radio. You're lucky that my radio didn't blow up as well!" Daytona

"Why do I have to reapply for leave I've already taken?" Michelle

"Like a monkey flinging poo! The Director of Scatography." Mars

"Worst meeting ever!" Web Team

Eternally Awesome:

Professor Brian Cox

Our 1975 red Mini Clubman


People *actually* needing micromanaging

Inability to see the importance/unimportance of a task to decide priorities (Happy New Year 2012 card vs document due at 5pm today)

People cramming on to a tram when there's an empty one right behind