Butter me up!

Willo said Ryan had found something for me while on his skiing vacation but I couldn't imagine what it might be - especially when Willo said "You'll love it." Upon being presented with a 250 gram stick (bat? club? log?) of Myrtleford's 'The Butter Factory' Cultured Butter I understood why they thought it was a perfect present for me.

Butter runs through my veins, or more to the point, it doesn't. It's been said that if I ever submit to a cholestorol test the syringe'll just fill with body-melted butter so what's the point?

I love butter - and while this is 'cultured' butter, which means it has a bit of subtle tang to it - it's still a glorious thing to behold, let alone eat.

Thank goodness I have room in my life for other brands of butter besides Lurpak.

Life is good, especially when buttered with such deliciousness!