Can You Hear Me Now?

It's not so much that I'm not blogging as that I don't have an internet connection yet - or soon, by all accounts.

After ordering a broadband connection two weeks ago and Telsta saying "Yup, yup - your account is all set up and is ready to go now. You should be online tonight." for the last three nights - turns out Telstra now says they can't deliver ADSL to the house at all.

So fun times.

Oh and thanks Telstra - thanks so much for RUINING MY LIFE. I was scheduled to start working from home next week but no. No. Oh wait, Telsta? just a heads-up: it's 2011 so, you might wanna, you know, get with the program.

Anyway! I have been blogging and have stories on my harddrive so I'll get my act together and get them up as soon and as often as I can.

Many things to share. Stay tuned.


UPDATE: Seems Telstra made a mistake - in fact several. They mixed us up with some other poor sap and it turns out we not only can, but now HAVE broadband. And peoples? it's taster than it was in town. W00t!