Change: as good as a rest

Change: as good as a rest


I've been alive a while now, and during that time, I've moved house a few times too. Today I am packing in anticipation of making a move to my 21st residence. It won't be the last time I move - but it's a move, none-the-less.

In the years I've been alive, I've moved in all manner of ways. From highly-organised-strategically-planned-flawless-executed ways to the worst-nightmare-you'll-ever-experience-helping-me-move-don't-ever-ask-me-to-help-again kind of ways.

This move is somewhere in between.

I am a week from physically moving my stuff - and two weeks from actually moving in to the new place. Yes, Mr Mathematician - you are right - there is a gap of a week in there that I will need to cope with, but more about that in a future instalment.

So I have boxes, I have packing tape, I have butcher's paper (newsprint paper to the kiwis out there), I hear there is bubblewrap available to wrap my artwork in. I have laundry in the washing machine, a dog on my bed, two movers and a truck on order and things are looking a bit organised except for the part where I keep stopping to play on my computer. But hey, I'm a 4.5 days from moving so it's not like it's critical or anything. Yet.

I am moving from "the city" to "the country".

Complaints queue forms to the left

There are a growing number of people who are calling me crazy. Me? in the country? amoung the trees and the farmers? where the wild things are? Do you *know* about the drop bears, Michelle? Some have barked their incomprehension right to my face with considerable volume and some finger-jabbing. You're crazy! they say You're a city kid! they point out. Some are even saying it's going to be a terrible mistake for me and I'm going to hate it. HATE it. A team manager at work told me I was a topic at their meeting the other day, generally questioning my sanity and basic grip on reality. You, too, might think that I have flipped my lid, but me? I'm good thanks. I'm as sane as I've ever been and super excited about the move. I'm excited about what it means for me, my life style, and general (much discussed) sanity.

I'm excited about experiencing real Australian country life: the weather (super freezing cold in the Winter; ultra hot and combustible in the Summer); owning a car again; wildlife; trees; lack of convienience; country folk; farmers' markets; choral groups; vegetables; home brew; screen printing; yard work; chain sawing; dogs off their leads.

The whole super awesome choc 'nana that lving outside a city will bring will mean I'll have loads of stuff to share and show - stay tuned! More details to come :)