Let's have bolognese for dinner.


Yeh, you can cook bolognese can't you?

Ahh.. yeh.. I guess

Cool. I'll get some mince and some noodles and we'll have bolognese tonight. What else will we need?

Ahh.. an onion?

Yeh! A big onion. I'll get one of those too.

Ahh.. get some squash too.

Yeh! I'll get some squash too.

Ahh.. and a swede. And a turnip.

Yeh! oh man this is gonna be so good. Let's get some chicken salt too.

Ahh.. chicken salt?

Yeh! that'll make the bolognese great!

Ahh.. you know chicken salt is good for fries.

Yeh! it really is! You know in Brisbane you have to pay extra for chicken salt.

Ahh.. that sounds weird. Really?

Yeh! 10 cents extra!

Ahh.. I was in Target today and I had to pay 10 cents for a bag.

Yeh! Nothing's free these days.