Webstock: Day Five

Webstock: Day Five

I'm trying to live blog.. t r y i n g... *failed* but I took notes! with a pen and paper...Work in progress, peeps - page under construction :) all that jazz.

beginning Day Two at Webstock - Town Hall filling up, photographed from stage end out across the tables and into the Gallery


Marco Arment

Webstock's video of Marco's presentation

David McCandless

Josh Clark

Webstock's video of Josh's presentation

Jason Cohen

Webstock's video of Jason's presentation

Peter Sunde

Peter is best known for being one of the founding members of The Pirate Bay - the largest file sharing system in the world: ever. Peter describes the founders of Pirate Bay as one who likes dogs, one who was an alcoholic, and one 'other' guy leaving it up to us to decide which one he was.

Pirate Bay became the only site that stood after legal pressure closed down everyone else despite the site being in Swedish. The most popular torrent was 'How to learn Swedish in 10 Days'.

"I copy therefore I am."

Webstock's video of Peter's presentation

Michael Lopp


Tom Coates

Webstock's video of Tom's presentation

Scott McCloud

Merlin Mann

Webstock's video of Merlin's presentation