Peas in a pod

Peas in a pod

Michelle: whose is the egg burger?

Greg: Amy's.

Amy: you bought me an egg burger?

Greg: yeh, the egg burger's yours.

Amy: what possessed you to buy me an egg burger, you know I hate egg burgers. I always have a hawaiian burger never an egg burger!

Greg: you always get an egg burger.

Amy: I wouldn't do that I hate egg burgers. I've spent all day throwing up why would I want egg?

Greg: I asked you if you wanted anything and you said no!

Amy: yeh cos I hate egg burgers.

Michelle: wait.. wait.. greg, you asked amy if she wanted anything and she said no, so you bought her an egg burger and now she's flipping out cos it isn't a hawaiian buger?

Greg: ...

Amy: ..

Michelle: you two deserve each other.