Christmas Day

Started Christmas Day bright and early with an alarm at 6am. Shortly thereafter a text arrived to say my family were online in New Zealand so I chimed in to watch Christmas morning unfold. It was fun and lovely. The photo above shows Miss Chloe with her Doctor Glasses from her Doctor's Kit. Fairly suit her well, me thinks.

There were a few surprises throughout my day. I had the very wonderful pleasure of sharing in my housemate's family Christmas. But I had no idea of their connections so was amazed when the man himself showed up to give out presents!

The day finised as Willo's holiday intends to progress - with inflatable toys, and inflatable eskie, lots of sunshine and a dam fit for a person who enjoys dams!

A Christmas Message (from my oldest and his best)


Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all spent it the way you like it best.