Springtime in Sydney

Maybe Sydney isn't so bad, afterall.

Walking from the Kirketon to the Masonic Centre for the content workshop with Relly Annett-Baker this morning, the leafy, sun mottled streets lifted and fell beneath my new All Stars and past small cafes and I thought to myself, Sydney, you old slapper - I finally get it - you scrub up good.

God I'm so giddy today. The hotel Fox recommended is lovely. The walk to the content workshop was restorative and energetic. The workshop is being run by the VOICE OF THE LHC (copywriter for CERN) (*squee* God, I know, right?). Fox and SuperHighFives have landed in Sydney and I'll see them after the day's content wrangling.

Cocktails, people.

Tonight I'm going to locate a launderette and wash my stuff, or better yet, find someone to wash my stuff for me. I have a good sense of direction both here in Haymarket and in my life at the moment. If asked, I'd say my life was pretty good today.

Simon Wrights photo from Sydney in the Spring of 2011

Photo by Simon Wright