Biting bullets

Mother flip, I want to write but I can only nail the bullets into the wall. I've wanted to publish a post for the last few days - but I just can't untangle the words so they come out in a recognisable form.

I wrestle with words about my camera:

  • Nikon D70 (dSLR) stopped working in October 2010, aged 6 years (15,818 pictures taken)
  • Cursory inspection by a camera technician at a local store suggested $400+ to fix the 'compression card / broken pin'
  • Technician suggests it is better to buy a new Nikon D90 ($2,000) camera as a replacement
  • As I can't understand the logic of advice - I tell him that I don't want to buy a new camera / don't want to pay $450+ in repairs
  • Watching and for a cheap D70 as a replacement
  • Tormented by the apparent insanity of trying to buy an old camera to replace an old camera
  • Decide not to call my old, nor my pending new old camera 'old' any more - name change to RETRO dSLR
  • Feel better
  • Find a Nikon D70s - hardly used (1,053 pictures taken) for $380 (free postage) on
  • Purchase.

This is me being strangled by a bunch of movies I've seen lately:

  • How to Train Your Dragon (good)
  • Date Night (nearly average)
  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (stands up well, all things considered)
  • Social Network (spectacular)
  • Tangled (Okay: Tandia's going to love it)
  • Catfish (Accurate, fabulous, about time)

Pacing and thinking through the observation and mystification of how people get to where they are without knowing how to use their tools of their profession is also causing me anxiety.

  • What do you mean you can't type?
  • It was a requirement in the job advertisement that you applied for that you could use a PC and the Microsoft Office suite
  • But you've said on your CV that you can use the Microsoft Office Suite on a PC
  • You know you don't have to go to double you double you doube you google dot com to type a site name into the search box, right? oh.. sorry.
  • The CD tray keeps opening because that's not the computer OFF button