Miff'd Indeed

I know the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) doesn't officially start until 22 July 2010, but I have my programme so - for me - it has begun.

Getting hold of the programme wasn't as easy anticipated. On a lightning tour of downtown Melbourne, it didn't appear to be in the usual places.

"It was released today, why isn't it everywhere?"

Luckily, eagle-eyes spotted a delivery guy with a cart full of them. He didn't even know what hit him during the ambush down one of the many laneways that criss-cross this town. He was left alive with three less copies of the festival publication.

He was lucky - I've kicked people to death for less - there is blood on my shoes. But I was feeling happy to finally have access to a printed copy of the movies that will screen over the festival until it closes on August 8th.

After a quick first 'flick' through, the standout movies (apart from the 'Night Shift' zombie/sci fi horror sessions - I want to see you ALL!) one of the more unusual offerings is a movie called Rubber

Watch the trailer first, then I'll tell you what you're seeing:

Rubber is the story of Robert, a murderous tyre with psychic powers. Robert suffers from unrequited love, busts his boiler and goes on a killing rampage.

I have circled it with a red sharpie in my programme - I'll let you know how it goes.

Status Update

My mid-life crisis is going well - or badly, rather - which means it's pretty much on track.

I am currently hovering (mood wise) between running away for ever*, or never getting out of bed again: both have a tantalising number of good points and very few bad ones. They are equally triggered by idiots so it feels as if my days are filled with trip-wires just ready to initiate either scenario.

We are on YELLOW Alert, people!

Tonight on my way home, two young men aged in their mid 20s asked me where Easy Street was. What would your answer to such a question be? My answer was slow and dull - I hit them with my hand-bag, repeatedly demanding to know if they were TRYING TO USE CHEAP PICK UP LINES ON ME!! COS I MAY BE CHEAP BUT GOD KNOWS I'M NOT EASY!!

Really, if I knew where Easey Street was I'd spend my life in bed until I die, alone and in the not too distant future.

So yup - mid life crisis: *tick*

30DMC - Day 01: The best movie you saw during the last year

After much conferring, the title of "The best movie you saw during the last year" goes to : Inglourious Basterds.

I actually have no idea when I saw this movie but figure it was within the timelimit of "the last year" because it was released in 2009. I haven't seen many movies since the (real) New Year - so my pickings were rather slim for this first day of the challenge (I think I'm really only doing this so I can watch Last of the Mohicans again).

There were many things I liked about Inglourious Basterds - the segmented story, the dialogue, Raine's I-Talian - but what I loved about it was:

  • the German family in the farmhouse being manipulated by Colonel Hans Landa. The whole scene is so beautifully dangerous; a finely balanced game of cat and rat;
  • every scene with Shosanna and Private Zoller.


I'm not good at writing movie anythings - mostly I say "it's worth going to see.." or "it's not worth going to see.." or varients therein "it's not worth paying money for.." "you're better off spending 1 hour and 90 minutes trying to eat your $17.50 than going to see that movie.." y'know, helpful stuff like that.

That's not going to stop me from doing at least some of the questions in this 30 Day Movie Challenge (30DMC)


Today this made me happy - and that's a story for another day.


*only to the rosebowl or somewhere close by.. and not so much running as strolling with purpose.