Great live blogging trivia, Batman!


It's never quite as successful as it is in my head, but let's give it a try.

Running a huge risk that Richard will accuse me of cheating, I'm going to post throughout this evening's session of Grumpy Bastard's Trivia.

Updates through this evening, including: at no extra cost - some of the questions we can't get right. It's just me and Fox so it's likely we have a track record of failure to match the GBT team of Willow, who sit outside and smoke and don't even hear most of the questions but haven't been showing up lately.

The atmosphere

It's cosy here. The door is closed to keep out the very chilly Winter air from outside. People enter the bar and unwrap their scarves and unbutton their coats. It's cold in Melbourne, but the soft wailings of Tom Waits welcome us to the warm red walls of Grumpy's Green.

This is a vegetarian joint. I would suggest it's run by hippies, but the bar staff are too closely shaven and far too girl-oriented to pass as hippies. The menu is very tasty, even the burger is good which is hard to do without meat.

Downstairs there are a couple of small boothes, and pockets of couches and cusions for cosy conversations. There's a mezzanine with mismatched couches and share-tables. The place is starting to fill up as the bluesy music cranks up a notch.

The host, Richard MacKenzie, isn't here yet, but his chair and microphone are set up on the stage ready to go.

I usually nab a booth but missed both tonight, so have scored a corner of the couches and await Fox's arrival. My view of the stage is obscured by the stair case but fear not, fair reader, Mr MacKenzie will know Team Pants is here - we're dumb, but loud (okay, it's just me - Fox is tiny quiet).

The Team

Pants have arrived. Fox and Willo just walked through the door. Willo is in one a welcome surprise and a great disappointment. This means we are unlikely to achieve last place and the $10 bar tab. You see: he knows stuff - not a lot - but enough to put some distance between us and the brown fizzy stuff.


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Public Announcement

Host Richard MacKenzie just asked "at 6:58pm who ordered nachos?" We were the only ones who knew this 'pre-trivia' question and the answer was FOX! (the time is 7:28pm we were wondering where they got to!)

Grumpy Bastard Trivia

Team sheet has arrived. We're filling in our team name as PANTS.



  • It's false that the irish blood service don't give donors a pint of Guinness!
  • Is 'Stage Left' seen as the actors see it or as the audience see it?
  • What is group of rhinos called?
  • What is hippo phobia a fear of?

"don't turn into a bunch of cunts this early in the evening" richard mackenzie

BEER ROUND: how long, in minutes and seconds, is Dead Poets' Society? (128 mins)


SECOND ROUND - round two

  • What are the wrestling names for the following:
    • Steve Austin
    • Ted Dibiase
    • Jessie Ventura
    • Brett Hart
    • Ronny Piper
  • What is a female donkey called?
  • Name two countries that start with the letter A but don't end with the letter A.
  • Where is Lake Disappointment? (not 'in my poor poor trivia heart')


THIRD ROUND: round three!

mother flippers.... brb

ROUND FOUR _+ picture round

  • What period followed Picasso's blue period?
  • Who was Barry Allen? (comic book character)
  • In Japan what would you do with a koto?
  • What are you afraid of if you suffer from pogophobia?
  • What amazing feat does a funamulist do?
  • Which magazine is planning to put out a 3D centerfold?

our picture sheet was brands, if I get my hands on one I'll scan it for you.

PS: THE SMITHS playing..


Okay don't hate me but I'm three jugs (shared with 2.5 people (fox is 0.5 cos she's so slow) in but I ambushed the host about the picture sheet and he kinda looked at me like I was worse than paparazzi, and while I coolly, calmly, asked for a copy of the picture sheets for my blog viewers whilst gestering animatedly to disguise the fact that I had had three said jugs and completely kicking a glass off the flimsy coffeetable having it smash on the bar floor and the host's friend he was talking to before I interupted them clean up my mess but I put $5 in the tip jar for my breakage but the bar guy said I didn't have to cos he loves 'having us' what?