Saturday shuffle

What a glorious Autumn day in Melbourne. This really is my favourite month and today was the very best example of why: beautiful cool blue sky, low warm sunshine, gorgeous light - I wanted to photograph everything and everyone.

Eating at Rosamond off Smith Street with my roommates is one of the best ways to start any Saturday, regardless of the season. Congratulate me: I tried something new - I normally stick to the fresh platter of seasonal fruit, natural yogurt and honey but today I busted out for a bacon, egg, tomato, avocado and HP sauce sandwich - which was every bit as good as Willo promised it would be.

On our way back home from brunch, I noticed four zombies waiting to catch a tram and realised what day it was: Zombie Shuffle Saturday (ZSS). Doesn't time just fly when you're having fun? only seems like 12 months since the last ZSS - though I can't say rights for Zombies has improved any - they're still shunned and shoveled - but I guess things like the ZSS brings them safely into the public eye even if for a small amount of time once a year - and the soft Autumn light is kind to their skin tone, so there's that.