Today was the tour, by water, of the Island of Manhattan. Circle-Line Sightseeing offer a number of options to see New York, and with the weather as glorious as it was, we chose the 3 hour full island cruise - sounds almost tropical, doesn't it!

It really was a great way to get my bearings of the city, and also to realise how many bridges connect to Manhattan - in the end we'd sailed under 20. I kinda like bridges.

Coming ashore we walked up 42nd Street and found a bunch of neon lights as we got closer to Broadway. Grabbing a cab, we tottled across town to Chelsea Market. I was really hanging out for a good coffee, so we stopped at 202, hitched ourselves to a bar stool and ordered espresso, with the intention of seeking out the rest of the market shortly thereafter - we never made it, of course - we were absorbed into a larger-than-life John Lewis who diverted first our attention, and then our plans.

To make a long story short, we ended up staying for a few non-caffeinated drinks then moving on to eat a delicious meal at Pastis. Afterwards, John invited us to accompany him and see some new comedians at a comedy club in the next block.