In transit

Flying home for Christmas and holidays. I normally fly late in the week, much closer to Christmas. Sometimes I even miss Christmas completely, I cut it so finely.

But not this year. This year I am travelling early - four whole days earlier - so I can have time to shop, time to cook, time to spend with my family on Christmas Eve.

As I'm sitting here at the airport though, I am losing patience. It is taking me a whole day to make the 3.5* hour flight to Auckland. It feels like I'm wasting my time. It feels like every second thing at the airport is disorganised**. I doubt that is the case - I think it's just that I have no patience for this today.

I'm still annoyed that I booked late so my flight cost me nearly $900 one way - and I still don't get a meal or a movie. I really detest the new airfare structure with Air New Zealand. I feel ripped off, disappointed, second class: well done, Air New Zealand from one of your (up to this point) most loyal passengers.

I've never shopped around for airfares, choosing to travel with my country's national airline - but that has changed now. Now I will be looking around at other options for my trips.

It amazes me, sitting here listening to the PA, how many people check bags, get a boarding pass, and then don't front up for the flight. There's a flight to South Africa sitting outside the window with it's departure delayed as they remove bags for 12 passengers who checked in but didn't show up for the flight.


Not one guy who decided to stay. Or a couple who are busy shagging in the loos. No. 12 whole people with 12 different names who have made it through all the security checks at the airport but have failed to make it on board their aircraft.

May I have their meals?

*we flew extra fast and ended up at our gate after 2 hours 59 minutes.

** wrong gate call, delayed flight, PA saying board - gate people saying not yet : just to name a few