Cafe de Clieu

cafe De Clieu, 187 Gertrude Street, Melboune

A couple of new cafes within walking distance of our apartment have opened up in Fitzroy - so this morning we thought we'd check one out.

De Clieu replaces a real estate office on the corner of Gertrude and George Streets in Fitzroy. It was pretty busy this morning - as most cafes in the area are in the weekends - but we managed to find a couple of chairs at the window bar. Which was handy as we could keep an eye on Jet who was unhappily tied to a post outside.

I ordered the sour dough, panchetta, roasted roma tomatoes and ricotta with extra virgin olive oil. It sure did look pretty but was a bit fiddly to eat. My knife wasn't sour-dough friendly, and everything was oil-slippery so fingers weren't an option. I could have done with two more tomatoes to make it though the amount of bread on my plate. It was very tasty though, and probably a great dish to converse over. The staff and the coffee were very good too which is always a good sign.

If I spotted the place less busy I would definately pop back in to sample some of their other menu offerings. I think Fox'd go back to for their "Lets get going" breakfast offering of cocopops, red cordial and a cup of coffee - sounds as if it were made especially for her.

sour dough, ricotta, panchetta, extra virgin olive  oil - brunch at De Clieu on Gertrude Street, Melboune