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I was talking to a colleague today about James Cameron's AVATAR topping the US$1bn mark and noting that it only had to earn another US$600,000,000 to become the second largest money making movie ever - the first being Titanic - and that was one of his too.

She scoffed and said that Titanic was the worst movie she had ever seen. EVER. And the main reason for that was because of Leonardo diCaprio who, at that stage of his career, she said, still hadn't learned to act. Which I thought was a bit harsh - especially in a world were they still let Nicolas Cage make movies.

Her broad, sweeping statement about a movie that is clearly (millions of unmarked dollar bills: clearly) beloved by millions of fans, got my hackles up - which is weird because I'm not a Titanic fan (the movie, not a reference to my size) nor do I have actual hackles anymore - but I've seen such films as Deep Blue Sea and The Phantom of the Opera (7.2 IMDB? really??) so I know a thing or two about bad movies.

And there's a lesson in this story for everyone - don't interact with colleagues. Just don't. It never ends well and you won't get the mileage out of your hackles you were hoping for when you had them fitted.

[Blogger's Aside: I started remembering Phantom and comparing it to Titanic and now I'm losing feeling in my legs, there's a strange white light and I think.. is that, Uncle Jack??

SNAP OUT OF IT MICHELLE - you can't die from thinking about bad movies...

or.. can you?

(okay that doesn't work so well without the spooky music to accentuate the tension)]

ALSO: I apologise for not having a point to this blog post. My hackles didn't really rise that much either - I did find myself becoming defensive of Titanic, feeling I needed to rescue it from my colleagues opinion. Then I realised the highest earning movie of all time really doesn't need the help of someone who didn't really like it much to begin with. That behemoth was big enough to take on all-comers.