First Trimes-chair

I have to tell you about my new job.. but right now I'm too tired. I will, however, tell you a little bit about my today, at my new job, so you will be all intrigued etc and wait with great anticipation (or constipation, or something.. did I mention I was tired?) for the low-down.

Today was massage day. Yes, you heard me. Massage Day.

Once a month, a masseuse comes to our office, and those who wish to be massaged, can book in (and pay for) a 15 or a 30 minute "through your clothes" relaxing rub down - and even better: the first one is "on the house".

So it was my first massage, and I arrived at the quiet, private, corner office so looking forward to having some of those golfballs I carry in my shoulders pressed out of service. It (the massage) takes place on one of those *sitting down with your face in a donut shaped cushion* chairs - I asked my masseuse how I ought to sit upon this contraption, and she showed me how easy it was, and so I followed suit.

As I was settling into position, leaning forward into the donut face holder when she urged me to "Wait.. wait, wait." and as I sat up wondering what I needed to wait for, she pulled away the padded section where my front had briefly rested. It made a velco'y sound as she peeled it away and then replaced it with another, odd-shaped cushioning - sortof, triangle'y shaped and weirdly purpose-built.

"There," She said, "that'll be much more comfortable for the bubbie."