Dude, that Pericles, he was having a baddd day at the end there. Just sitting, not talking to anyone, not looking at anyone. Only eating enough to prolong his grief. He should've just killed himself. He'd probably've been happier.

He was too bereft and ruined from grief to managed that.

I would never had lasted so long.. I mean all the stuff he went through. I would've been a mess after the first ship wreak - and he was ship wrecked TWICE for god sakes - and he still carried on! Hells, I would've killed myself as soon as I found out my girl friend was sleeping with her father!

Thank goodness Shakespeare didn't write stories about you, Michelle.

Least they would've been short.

I am no viper, yet I feed

On mother's flesh which did me breed.

I sought a husband, in which labour

I found that kindness in a father:

He's father, son, and husband mild;

I mother, wife, and yet his child.

How they may be, and yet in two,

As you will live, resolve it you.

Pericles Prince of Tyre by William Shakespeare

(I'm not saying Bell Shakespeare's Pericles was long - I'm just saying had William Shakespeare been inspired to write about me, he wouldn't have had much material. Pericles was, in fact, very enjoyable; especially the music and the sets. But man, what a story - you can't make that shit up! oh wait..)

PS: this post was "lifted approximately" (because I can't remember the actual words well enough) from a conversation I had with Fox on our way out of The Playhouse last night. While it is not verbatim, it is true to the spirit of the gist of the thing.