Sing-a-long Friday (Do Not Adjust Your Twinset)

Yes, I know it's Saturday - but I was busy being misty at a sold out screening of the Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls at ACMI as part of Melbourne's International Film Festival last night to post this on the correct day.

I had tried to catch this home-grown documentary while I was in New Zealand recently, but the screening times and the cold and the general lack of vehicular transportation during the day meant I missed out. I was pleased to find that the film was part of MIFF and added a ticket to my viewing schedule. The movie was personal, joyous, toe-tapping and moving. The twins dedication and love for each other is enduring and obvious. Their humour infectious. The archival footage is magical - who were those people smart enough to video tape two cheeky girls busking in Christchurch and Auckland? well done! I can't recommend their documentary highly enough.

The Topps are only a couple of years older than I am and have been part of my whole New Zealand life. I have always connected with them and continue to adore Jools and Lynda Topp. Their live shows are so much fun. So_much_fun. If they come to your town, grab a ticket and you will have a great time. They are master ring leaders and as their audience, you will be so very happy to follow even as your sides split.

At the end of the movie last night, the audience was asked "How many of you are kiwis.." only a smattering of hands were raised - much fewer than I expected. I had thought maybe you had to be a New Zealander to appreciate the humour and the back story, but I was wrong. Judging by the laughter during the show and the continuous applause through the credits and then again at the end as the houselights were raised, I'd say that the Twin's story resonates with everyone.