The Gist

GK (Overlord) : So, where's this favourite pub of yours again?
MP (Underling) : Kent Street? On Smith Street.
GK (Overlord) : Yes, where on Smith Street?
MP (Underling) : Opposite the Cash Converters.
GK (Overlord) : And where is the Cach Converters?
MP (Underling) : ah.. opposite Kent Street?
GK (Overlord) : you're fundamentally an annoying person*.

MP (Underling by day / Roomie by night) : GK just told me I was fundamentally an annoying person.
FW (Roomie) : heh heh - correct*.

*words may not be in this exact order, or may, in fact, not even be all the correct words at all - but you get the gist.