WebDu Day Two of Two

After staying up until after 1am last night completing contract work (thank goodness I decided to stay in and not to to Oskar's for drinks after Day One or I would never have finished the site updates) I was so surprised that I made the 7:45am Microsoft Mobile Breakfast. I wasn't the only one who made it, though a lot were a hellova lot worse for wear than I was - I heard some low moans (and not the good kind) of the soberly challenged.

What a fabulous breakfast - because food is where it's at, right? Each round table accommodated eight guests. Two trays of food (one full of cut fruit, the other an assortment of pastries and mini-muffins), jugs of orange juice and bottomless coffee cups eased us all into the morning. Followed in short order by a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and grilled tomatoes. The breakfast was entitled "Greasy Spoon" but it was anything but - thank goodness - and it was very good.

Microsoft showcased their Windows Mobile 6.5 through an internet connectivity hindered powerpoint presentation. A presenter's nightmare when technology stands between you and successfully delivering your message. I suppose the mobile's background and icons were the choice of the phone's owner, but the pink tartan phone wallpaper and colour theme really did put me of the entire platform - I know, I know, but I am such a _girl_ sometimes. I found myself day dreaming more and more about how love it would be to have an Apple iPhone which was most likely, the opposite of the presentation objective.

Judging by the questions, and there were a smattering, others found the talk interesting and informative.

One of the impressive things about WebDU, amongst all the impressive things about WebDU, was the accuracy of the schedule. It must be easy to build up a time slippage, but the organisers and speakers kept to the schedule and so things started and finished pretty much when the Agenda said they would.

You can read more about Day Two's Keynote and sessions on Pixelkin.com.